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Text On The Internet Is The Most Competitive Medium In All Of Human History

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On Medium, writers are also splitting the same pie.

The internet can be accessed by almost anyone, anywhere across the globe.

It’s the fastest way to spread information — especially in text form — to many people simultaneously.

“Text on the internet is arguably the most competitive medium in all of human history,” said Ben Thompson.

Thompson owns Stratechery.

This is an influential media and technology publication.

Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine also recently shared in an interview with Silicon Valley reporter Casey Newton that the competition on Medium is getting tougher.

“Our partners are more in competition with each other. Each new author comes in and they’re splitting the same pie.”

But hey, writing on your own WordPress blog isn’t easier.

In Q1 2022, there were over 70 million WordPress blog posts every month.

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