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That’s A Slap In The Face For Writers On Medium

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and how much Vocal, NewsBreak, and Simily pay you $$$$

The other day an aspiring new writer reached out to me via email.

He told me he was frustrated and sick of writing on Medium.

Here’s why!

Publishing articles on Medium is free.

If you’re interested in earning money you can join the Medium Partner Program for free.

You have the option to lock content you create behind Medium’s paywall and earn money $$$.

Here’s one major flaw in the eyes of many (new) writers:

Medium pays you for reading time — not views.

The aspiring writer who reached out to me learned this the hard way.

  • He wrote an article, published it in a medium-sized publication.
  • It picked up traction, reached thousand of views within only a few hours…. and then…
  • well, the outcome of a few pennies made the writer almost cry…
Jimy Fellon crying

What most writers don’t know, in fact, the ‘average reading time’ of an article is the most important metric when it comes to how much money an article will make.

It’s the actual amount of time paying readers spent actively reading your story.

On Medium, you can reach 10K+ views but only get paid $9.

Here’s an example from my journey:

Quoras new passive income model could make you a millionaire
screenshot by Kristina God

And why only $9?

Because 92% / 9.5K views are external views.

Medium doesn’t count the reading time of external (meaning non-paying) readers.

If I got paid for external views too, I would have made $122+ with this article on the future of Quora.

That’s a slap in the face for most writers…

Jimmy Fellon slap in the face

…(although you have the possibility to convert them into paying members via your referral link).

If you want to learn more about Medium calculates how much money you make, click here:

If you’re frustrated about how Medium calculates your earnings, here’s help.

Other platforms such as Vocal, Newsbreak, and the new Simily blogging site pay you for unique views.

YES, every single view counts!

Jimmy Fellon says YES!

The more views you get, the more you earn.

Let’s have a look at how other writing platforms calculate your earnings

Vocal Media

  • Vocal media pays you $3.8 per 1000 views. If you are a Vocal member, then you will get $6 per 1000 views.
  • Moreover, you can earn from bonuses, tips, and challenges.


  • Newsbreak pays about $0.01 cents per 1000 views.
  • They used to have a base payment.


# Unique Views per Month

Monthly Payout




Important Hint: As mentioned above, Newsbreak, Vocal, as well as Simily, pay you for external views too.

Medium doesn’t pay you for external views.

Final Thoughts: Diversify your income streams

On Medium, you get paid for the average reading time of your article.

That’s why the most important thing is to find ways to keep your reader’s attention by making your article easy to digest and scan.

On Newsbreak, Vocal, and Simily, the rules of the game of online writing are different.

Give Newsbreak, Vocal, and/or Simily a try.

My overall recommendation:

It’s smart to diversify your income streams, cross-/republish your content and get more eyeballs on your amazing writing, don’t you think?


© Kristina God

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