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The 100 Rule For New Writers

  • 2 min read

It’s a personal journey to a better and more successful writer.

Embarking on your writing journey can be daunting.

The “100 Rule” can help.

In fact, Biliz Maharjan’s story crossed the $100 mark!

It’s not a new rule, but it’s definitely worth sharing with anyone who may not know it yet.

The 100 Rule focuses on publishing 100 articles before worrying about audience engagement.

The goal

Prioritize quantity over quality, in the beginning, to build your skills, find your voice, and establish your writing habits.

By writing consistently, you’ll see improvements in your craft and gain a better understanding of the topics you enjoy and what resonates with your audience.

Moreover, you’ll build connections with readers and fellow writers and become familiar with Medium’s ecosystem.

How to write 100 stories?

To achieve this, Biliz recommends writing every day, whether it’s a short post, a journal entry, or freewriting.

This will keep your creative muscles strong and foster better writing habits.

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