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The 1st Thing You Should Do When You Wake Up Is…

  • 1 min read

Take A Shot Of Tequila

You may think: Are you kidding?

The answer is: Yes and No.

There’s the so-called ‘Tequila Framework’ by Brian To.

I guess you read a lot about the mass topic ‘morning routine’ on Medium. For instance, these articles are all about…

  • taking a shower
  • drinking lemon water
  • reading some lines
  • journaling
  • running

But isn’t this all mainstream opinion?

How can you stand out from the crowd?

👍 By using the ‘Tequila Framwork’ Brian twittered about lately.

1. 🚀Choose a specific topic (mainstream or niche) you're passionate about

2. 🚀Write down everything that other people say about it

3. 🚀Write the exact opposite

Try to be controversial when you write your next article in order to stand out.

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