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The 2 Biggest Misconceptions about Top Writer Status on Medium

  • 1 min read

There is no equal competition for all tags. Be smart and strategic.

Let’s jump right in:

❌1 — Medium employees choose the best writers — Wrong!

Medium’s mighty algorithm identifies writers who utilize a tag and for instance, receive favorable internal (and external) views.

❌2 — There is equal competition for all tags — Wrong!

Medium’s algorithm selects the 50 best writers and highlights the top 10 writers.

There are tags with high and with low competition.

Here are the most popular tags with high competition:

  1. Poetry (619K)
  2. Life Lessons (604K)
  3. Technology (513K)
  4. Health (511K)
  5. Writing (491K)
  6. Self Improvement (489K)
  7. Business (467K)
  8. Travel (400K)
  9. Entrepreneurship (396K)
  10. Bitcoin (347K)

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