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The 3-Step-Plan To Become a Top Writer On Medium Within 20 Days

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Steal the success secret.

Today, I want to share with you the success story of one of my boot campers from February. Her name is Teresa Morillas.

She started writing on Medium in February and has already gained 260 followers.

Plus, within 20 days of the Boot Camp, she became a Top Writer in #Food.

YES! It’s really awesome since she’s a Health Coach.

What’s Teresa’s 3-step-success-plan?

Here’s her secret:

1 — Check out my list of tags that are eligible for Top Writer status.

2 — Decide which one you want to use on a regular basis.

3 — Tag your articles with the exact tag — over and over again.

Do this, and I’m sure you’ll soon exclaim something similar as:

OMG! I can’t believe it but within 20 days I became a Top Writer in Food!

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