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The 3-Step System To Start The Day Eating The Frog When Creating Content

  • 2 min read

The MIT — Most important task can help you.

I love Mission Impossible (MI) with Tom Cruise.

The mission I wanna talk about today is also im-possible.

It’s to start the day eating the frog. This is a great productivity hack I came across recently.

As content creators it’s our job to eat a frog too and it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.

1 — Identify the frog 🐸

The frog is your hardest but most important task (MIT) for the day.

2 — Eat the frog 🍴

Don’t give yourself the chance to put your most important task (MIT) off for later.

3 — Repeat 🔁

Small steps add up to great accomplishments. So repeat this process over and over again.

My free Content and Goal Calendar will definitely help you with your most important task (MIT):


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