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The 3 Types of Online Courses for Creators In 2022

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Create Your Own Online Course

Teach others what you love and earn some extra bucks.

Oftentimes people come to me and ask me how I as a busy working mom managed to create three digital courses within the last 10 months.

Here’s my secret:

  • I know that you only have to have a 10% edge to teach others what you know.
  • More importantly, I know about the three types of online courses.

Thus I don’t feel overwhelmed.

When you’re thinking about creating a digital course in 2022 and adding this to your portfolio online, here is what you need to know:

The three types of online courses for content creators in 2022

From being a partner of the online course provider Udemy, my hubby Patrick God who has already helped more than 80.000 students worldwide knows a lot about the different kinds of online courses.

On average, he earns $6,000 per month on Udemy as one of his income streams:

On average he earns $6,000 on Udemy as one of his channels:
screenshot Udemy dashboard

Please keep in mind there are no black and white rules.

The below-mentioned three-course types, price ranges as well as course duration, and price ranges are just a benchmark for you.

Let’s start!

Starter Course


You can start with a “Starter Course”. It teaches the basics of a topic you love and are passionate about.

Duration of the video content: 1–5 hours

Price point: $100-$300

Side note: This is the type of class I’m typically offering. Making it a no-brainer for people who are interested to join.


My Medium Kickstarter Bootcamp where I help new writers learn the basics about Medium and kickstart their writing. Since I tend to overdeliver we also have weekly Zoom calls and about 9 hours of on-demand content.

Spotlight Course


If you want to share more insights on a specific topic, you can create a “Spotlight Course”. This course typically promises a special outcome.

Duration of the video content: 2–12 hours

Price point: $300-$500


My Online Course Lab. It’s a program I (for the very first time!) host with my hubby. It takes the myths out of creating online courses and we teach the exact system to get from zero to your first-course sale.

Signature Course

made in Canva

Last but not least the crème de la crème. A Signature Course. In this class, you share laser-focused premium content with your students.

Duration of the video content: 5–20 hours

Price point: $500-$2,000+

Example: This autumn, my hubby will offer a special BootCamp for software developers which helps them get a job in the industry, climb the ladder, or change positions.

Final Takeaways

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and creating an online course in 2022, take the bull by the horn and start!

The online course creation world is BOOMING.

There has never been a better time to jump on the train and share what you know and love with others.

My tip: Start with a “Starter Course”. Gather all the feedback you can get, understand your audience’s needs and desires and then move on and create your first “Signature Course”.

You’re invited!

👇Oh, I’d love to invite you to join us inside The Online Course Lab this month!

My hubby (who earns $6,000 on Udemy) and I will give you all the guidance, and confidence you need to create your own online course in 2022 and earn some extra money.

I hope to you inside the course where you’ll meet other Medium writers and content creators.👇

PS: Here’s what my hubby (dad, full-time software dev, part-time YouTuber, and online course instructor) says:

“The cool part is that online courses generate mainly passive income.

This means the work I’ve done in the past continues to generate revenue month after month without me doing anything.”

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