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The Art of Misdirection for Writers

  • 2 min read

If you want to take your writing to the next level, you might want to try this copywriting technique.

This technique involves leading your readers in one direction, and then suddenly taking them in the opposite direction, creating an unexpected and engaging experience.

Copywriter Dan Nelken shared an example of misdirection from comedian Sarah Silverman:

Once I was with two men in one night. But I could never do it again — I could hardly walk afterward. Two dinners? That’s a lot of food.”

The joke takes you in one direction before surprising you with the unexpected punchline, leaving a lasting impression.

To use misdirection in your writing…

  • start by thinking about how you want your readers to feel
  • then craft your writing in the opposite direction to mislead and surprise your audience.

With a little creativity and practice, you can use this technique by copywriter Dan Nelken to make your writing stand out and stay in your readers’ heads for a long time.

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