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The Exact 4-Step-System For Amplifying Your Exposure

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Spread your message and increase your earnings.

As management trainer Ivona Hirschi commented recently:

Promotion part is key for sure!

YES! It is the foundation of writing on Medium.

Don’t post and ghost.

Instead, post and promote!

Unfortunately, a lot of (new) writers are missing out on this opportunity.

But HOW to promote your Medium story?

It’s sooooo easy and simple.

If you want your stories to stand out from the crowd you need to amplify your exposure and spread your message via Twitter.

I promoted my story This Online Teacher Makes Millions of Dollars on Pornhub — Fully-Clothed via Twitter…. and it went viral.

The results speak for themselves: about 30K views to date!

Here’s the exact 4-Step-System I used:

1 — I’ve created a Twitter profile — takes 5 minutes

2 — I’ve connected my Medium profile with Twitter — 1 minute

3 — I share every single story I write on Twitter AND/OR post quotes from my stories — just 1 minute

4 — I engage with others on Twitter — takes 5 minutes per day

I’m curious. Are you on Twitter then let’s connect or do you want to start in 2022?

© Kristina God

PS: I don’t wanna overwhelm you, so I’ll stop there for now.

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