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The Future of Medium Lies in Rebuilding Trust

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Medium wins and loses paying members every day.

When you have referred members, you can see them in your Stats.

One day, you’ll win a referred member. The other day, you’ll lose one.

This month, I’ve gained 4 referred members and lost 3.

If something like this happened to you too, please don’t quit writing or sharing your referral link.

You’re NOT the problem. It’s Medium’s business model.

A lot of paying members simply hate all this experimenting.

They want to rely on the platform they use. But can’t and lose their trust in Medium.

But there’s good news!

There’s a lot of change happening right now:

A big part of our work at Medium centers around earning and building trust (…) Breana Jones, Product Manager Medium

Trust is the foundation of any serious business and Medium wants to rebuild it!

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