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The Hula Hoop Method For Writers— Your Earnings Increase As Soon As You Publish A New Article

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You need to keep the hula hoop spinning to get rewarded by Medium’s algorithm.

My friends and followers know that I’m not the type of writer who mums about my opinion about naysayers, clickbait, speculations, overnight successes, and toxicity.

Rather than speculations and misleading information, I prefer data-driven approaches.

Recently I shared an analysis by DC Palter showing that…

NO, the referral program doesn’t reduce the payout for content.

screenshot of DC Palter

Here’s more:

YES, your earnings increase as soon as you publish a new article

Today I want to share another great approach with you.

René Junge is in the middle of an experiment.

He found out that the following premises are true, therefore his conclusion must be true:

Premise 1: On days with a new article, earnings are significantly higher than those without publication.

Premise 2: This higher earnings results (…) from older articles that suddenly find more new readers again.

YES, your earnings increase as soon as you publish a new article

Here’s more:

Joachim Guth made a great analogy to this experiment based on his own experience:

I likened it to a hoola hoop, which you need to stroke at times to keep it going.

credit: GIPHY

I can testify that my earnings increase when I write an article every day, even if it’s (only) a short form post.

Moreover, when I don’t publish on a regular basis, my views drop and payments fall (off a cliff).

Final Takeaways

Keep your hula hoop spinning and join René's experiment.

When the hula hoop starts falling keep going anyway.

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