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The Latest Medium Features That Writers Should Be Leveraging But Aren’t

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Take advantage of it and increase the odds of getting boosted.

Let’s drop the bombshell right now.

It’s the book author feature.

Here’s why:

Medium recently introduced this really cool feature where if you’ve written a book you can get it verified through Medium.

That means that on your profile page, there’s a little blurb. It also means that when you comment or when you write stuff, you’ve got this little book icon next to your name.

It’s a powerful tool because:

A — it’s a great sales opportunity.

B — Medium doesn’t have a verification feature like X does. This is the only way to do it.

C — Makes you look more relevant on Medium — which is important for Boost nominators and curators.

Zulie Rane shared that this is the most underutilized feature.

So think about (finally!) writing a book in your free time and publishing it to take advantage of that feature.

How to apply to become a verified book author:

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