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The Majority of Medium Users are Male

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Do you really know who’s writing on Medium in 2024?

I asked my YouTube community if more women or men are using Medium, here’s what they voted for:

YouTube channel Kristina God

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

This shows that often we only “think” to know Medium.

Medium has a significant built-in audience of 100M+ readers who are actively browsing through the app or website to find new stories from undiscovered voices to read.

Especially as a new writer, it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about the platform you’re writing on.

Trust me. As a marketing manager, online writer, and mompreneur I know how crucial it is to know the platform, its audience, and its demographics.

As the headline of my story already revealed, there are more men than women on this platform.

If you want to save yourself a lot of sweat, tears, and legwork, read on to find out more.

Primarily men are using Medium’s audience is 63% male and 37% female.

Similarweb analysis

Medium is dominated by users who are 25 to 34 years old

From an age breakdown, the largest age group of visitors is 25–34-year-olds.

Followed by 18–24-year-olds who are using Medium.

Similarweb analysis

Are you surprised that the audience is mainly young people and men prevail as Tania?

In my new video, you can learn more about Medium’s demographics!

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