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The Medium Post Amplifier “Signal” Shut Down and How To Self-Promote Your Stories Now

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It used to be a great service to get more eyeballs on your posts.

I think we can all agree that changes are happening on

That’s why self-promotion becomes more and more important.

However, for me, it’s nothing new.

Since the beginning of my writing journey on Medium, I have always preached to amplify your message!

Self-promotion is NOT a dirty thing to do.

You’re definitely missing out when you do not share your stories.

One super cool tool to amplify your message was Signal.

Intro Signal

This service helped authors share their Medium stories automatically (at a set time) on Twitter.

I know a lot of Medium writers used to be huge fans of this super simple and smart service.

Unfortunately, a few weeks back Lincoln W Daniel, the founder of Signal announced he’ll shut it down.

Signal is dead. What to do now?

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To get more eyeballs on your stories and make some noise (!), here are my top tips and tools:

#1 Amplify your Medium stories on Twitter.

12 months ago, I’ve started taking Twitter seriously and I’ve gained about 2,000+ followers within this time period.

  • I tweet every written story on Medium or retweet posts by others.
  • My feed is always filled with inspiring posts and if I see something I want to retweet, I just do it.
  • Moreover, when I read an inspiring sentence on Medium from a story I love (and the writer is on Twitter) I highlight it and tweet it.
  • I share personal photos and links to my YouTube and TikTok channel.

Connect with me on Twitter!

#2 Use Twitter Analytics

The marketer in me loves data and I strongly recommend listening to your data too.

Twitter Analytics looks like this:

In regard to impressions, for instance, my top tweet is about a timely news hook: National Author’s Day.

The top mention is by life coach and Medium writer Victoria Gregg who also started her TikTok adventure a few days back.

Moreover, you can track the engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, and much more with this handy Twitter Analytics tool.

Medium’s founder Ev Williams also recommends Twitter

Ev Williams (also co-founder of Twitter) suggested:

“Promoting your articles on other social media platforms too. The more the better.”

There are people who also share their work on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Quora. This tactic is pretty smart.

Sharing your stories helps increase your external views.

As you might know, I’m experimenting with timely news hooks. So I wrote about the latest Coastal Grandma fashion trend on TikTok.

As you can see this post got 5K views:

Coastal Grandma Fashion Trend


4.94K (98%) are external views!

External views = How many times your story has been viewed from non-Medium sources in the selected time period, including social media, search results, email, and more.

Unfortunately, you don’t get paid for external views on Medium BUT you get paid when a user becomes a member within the next 30 days.

That’s important to know.

So sharing this on Twitter definitely helped me to get 5K views!

Bottom Line

Signal shut down. The service is dead.

However, you can take action and share your posts via Twitter on your own.

As shown above, it’s smart to amplify your stories to get more eyeballs on your posts.

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