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The Most Advanced AI Image-Generator DALL•E 3 Is Here (with 6 Stunning Image Examples for Writers)

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It’s capable of producing readable text and incredible images

DALL•E never fails to amaze me with its creative prowess.

Now DALL•E 3 is here and really wows me.

It’s the most advanced AI image generator in the world, becoming one of the go-to sources for any writer and content creator looking for unique images.

But first, let me show you how to access DALL•E 3.

How to access DALL•E 3?

To access DALL•E 3:

  1. Go to Bing Chat

2. Select the conversation style “Creative”

photo credit: screenshot from Patrick God’s account, Bing Chat

3. Tell Bing to…

Prompt: “Create an image of [insert prompt]”

4. Voila! Bing will use DALL•E 3 from OpenAI to generate the image

photo credit: screenshot from Patrick God’s account, Bing Chat

Let’s see some examples I found on X that you could use for your content on Medium, Substack, X, YouTube, or wherever you love to be:

1 — Celebrities with DALL•E 3

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: ”CINEMATIC detailed environmental color portrait photograph of { MADONNA }, cinematic, dramatic lighting, high contrast, photorealistic, bright and vibrant”

2 — Political statements

How would you create something similar on your own?

Prompt: “a raw photo of politicians playing chess, suffering masses under the table holding it with their bodies, sweat and tears from starving people below, golden-ratio, extremely detailed, thought-provoking, inspired by 1984"

3 —Humor stories

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: “Albert Einstein, immersed in his study, chuckles softly as he turns the pages of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

4 — Gaming and Fun

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: “Super Mario sitting on a dingy couch. He is sad , and there are empty beer bottles covering the floor. Next to the couch is a picture of Princess Peach crossed out with a large red X”

5 — Comic

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: “Create a colorful comic book panel with Deadpool joyfully jumping with a sign in his hand saying “Happy Sunday Everyone!” Include a dynamic background with action bursts”

6 — Fantasy

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: (Dreamscape in a Fantasy Art Style with Airbnb Branding),(various Airbnb listings float on clouds, each resembling a different dreamy environment like a castle, a beach hut, or a treehouse),(travel items like passports and suitcases bear Airbnb logos and are scattered across the clouds),(a sky filled with auroras, shooting stars, and fantasy creatures),(the scene invites viewers to dream about their next travel adventure)

What I really Love

First of all, I love that it works in ChatGPT.

Second, I love that’s available right in your Bing Chat.

Moreover, I see more nuance and details over DALL•E 2. The image quality is better and now it can also generate text.

So I bet fiction writers are doing their happy dance and any writer who wants to publish a book with an attention-grabbing cover.

Another benefit: If you’ve played around with DALL•E 3 for a long time and created an awesome image, you can also sell your images on Etsy, Adobe, or Redbubble.

“Subject to the Content Policy and Terms, you own the images you create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise — regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit.” OpenAI

The Future of AI-generated Images

Dall-E3 is definitely going to put pressure on Midjourney. It’s very well-refined and easy to use.

It’s incredible how fast we’re advancing! It’s hard to keep up but it’s also good to follow this news so you don’t get left behind and can use DALL•E 3 for your own advantage when searching for a suitable image.

Feel free to test the prompts and share your experiences!

P.S. Want to recreate my featured image? Here’s the prompt:

“a medieval fantasy landscape close to the sea, rolling green fields with a bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. On top of one of the clouds is a castle rising from it. A female knight races across the field”

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