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The Most Advanced AI Image-Generator Firefly by Adobe Is Here (with 14 Stunning Image Examples)

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It’s even much more realistic than DALL•E and designing feels like a breeze

Adobe never fails to amaze me with its creative prowess.

Now Adobe Firefly is here and really wows me.

It’s the most advanced AI image generator in the world, becoming one of the go-to sources for any writer and content creator looking for unique images.

But first, let me show you how to access Adobe Firefly.

How to access Adobe Firefly?

To access Adobe Firefly:

  1. Go to

2. Select “Get Firefly free”

photo credit: screenshot Adobe Firefly

3. Sign in (with Google)

How to use Adobe Firefly?

I want to focus on Adobe Firefly’s new text-to-image feature in this tutorial.


Describe the image you want to generate.

Tell Firefly to…

Prompt: “Create an image of [insert prompt]”

Voila! Adobe will use its AI to generate the image

Let’s see some stunning examples that I found to use for your content on Medium, Substack, X, YouTube, or wherever you love to be:

Create Realistic Portraits

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: ”Create an image of (a portrait shot of a woman, yellow shirt, photograph)”

Create your own Avatars

I’ve been playing around with it a bit and turned my images into this:

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Prompt: ”Create an image of (a beautiful woman and writer, future funk psychedelic)”

With Adobe Firefly’s text-to-image feature, you can create an avatar of yourself by prompting very specific attributes (blonde hair, blue eyes…).

Create Sci-Fi Images

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

How would you create an alien on your own?

Prompt: “Create an image of (a shocked beautiful alien, sci-fi, future, light teal and amber, photograph)”

Create CyberPunk images

I’ve been playing around with it a bit and created these hip and trendy sci-fi images:

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Prompt: “Create an image of (confident woman, sci-fi, future, blue glow color, pink, hologram, photograph)”

Okay, I could go on for hours. I’m so immersed in this…. but since my baby is crying let’s come to the next awesome types of images you can create.

Create Literature-Themes

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

How to create something similar on your own?

Prompt: “Create an image of (ethereal la belle epoque, the gilded age, victorian mixed media inspired collage style, vintage old background, featuring flowers, a beautiful face of a victorian beauty, crowns, and other literature-themed elements. use a victorian watercolor-inspired painting style with olive green pastel colors, shining gold lines and distressed textures, and ornate details that evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance)”

Create Animals

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

How to create an animal on your own?

Prompt: “Create an image of (a cute baby lamb running and smiling through the streets, dark glowing lights)”

Create Pets

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Pet lover? Here’s how to create a pet under water:

Prompt: “Create an (amazing photograph of a maltese chasing a tennis ball under water, close up portrait)”

Create Fantasy Images for Children’s Books

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

I have a toddler in the house so this one was very fun to create:

Prompt: “Create an image of a (toddler at the sea looking at a sky full of candy planets)”

Create Images for Fantasy Books

These ones are really dope…

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Prompt: “Create an image of (a person wearing an intricate costume on a pond in a rainforest, dark gold and dark aquamarine, powerful portraits, pop-culture-infused, machine aesthetics, mythical creature in armor and necklace, densely patterned imagery, stylish costume design)”

Create sweet Pixa-Style Figures

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

I prompted my little baby girl… think the one in the middle fits best:

Prompt: “Create an image of (s smart happy baby girl wearing a pink dress, red hair, blue eyes, ultra realistic, toddler, sea and dunes background art)”

Create Food images

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

I love ice cream. I bet you too!

Prompt: “Create an image of (ice cream swirl cones, food art, surreal, pastel background with clouds)”

…or doughnuts… yummy!

Unfortunately, they aren’t real. But I’d buy them if they were.

Here’s the super simple prompt:

Prompt: “Create an image of “colorful donuts in a box)”

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Create Drink Images

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

In Autumn, I often cuddle on the couch and dream of far-off beaches and coconut milk… definitely time to make my dreams “AI reality”:

Prompt: “Create an image of (tropical coconut drinks, on a far-off beach, bright, white, minimalist, palms, ocean)”.

Create the End of the World

For all the doomsters out there, this one is for you (Don’t get me wrong. I love movies such as “Lost” or games such as “The Last of Us” but I don’t like all those “It’s the end of…” articles):

photo credit: made with Adobe Firefly

Prompt: “Create an image of (a woman with a gas mask in an apocalyptic world with the buildings destroyed on the water, toxic atmosphere, Atompunk style, hyper-realistic, cinematic lighting, hyper-detailed)”

What I really love about Adobe Firefly

First of all, I love that it works so easily and is such fun to generate images.

Designing feels like a breeze.

Second, I love that’s available for free (you’ve got 25 free creds per month).

Moreover, I see even more nuance and details over DALL•E 3, which I recently reviewed (here’s the tutorial video).

So I bet everyone who wants to participate in NaNoWriMo in November, self-publish their book, or simply loves to make images with AI, is doing their happy dance right now.

Another benefit: the Firefly bonus compensation plan! Adobe Stock contributors who opted in to allow AI to learn from them get bonus payments.

“Yes. While the terms we already have with Adobe Stock contributors permit Adobe to create and train Firefly models, we have created a Firefly bonus compensation plan, for all eligible Adobe Stock contributors whose content was used in the dataset training of the first commercially released Firefly model.”

The Future of AI-generated Images

Adobe Firefly is definitely going to put pressure on DALL•E 3 and Midjourney. It’s very well-refined, super realistic, and easy to use.

It’s incredible how fast we’re advancing!

It’s hard to keep up but it’s also good to follow this news so you don’t get left behind and can use Adobe Firefly for your own advantage when searching for a suitable image.

Feel free to test the prompts and share your experiences!

P.S. Creating with AI is a (new) skill! Want a list of prompts for your featured images, book covers, and other digital content? Sure thing! Join my newsletter family & get the prompts list once it’s ready + a mini-course on how to generate images with AI!

Here’s the video tutorial:

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