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The New Bing Lied To Me

  • 2 min read

Who’s fault is it?

Marketing experts say with ChatGPT’s rise the new era of internet search is here.

Bing isn’t the butt of Conan O’Brien jokes anymore.

No no no!

Since it offers a ChatGPT-powered search experience (to those who joined the waitlist) hundreds of thousands have put the new Bing to the test.

According to Similarweb, since the rollout of the New Bing…

  • daily visits to have spiked 15%
  • searches for “Bing AI” have risen 700%

I spent the last week using Bing’s new “AI-powered answer engine”.

I put ChatGPT from Bing to the test to write a story for Better Marketing with my thoughts on the impact of AI.

It’s not finished yet.

But in another story called “I Asked ChatGPT How to Make Money on Medium — Guess How Many Claims Were Correct?”, I shared already some of my observations.

Read my trending story about the future of AI:

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