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The New Twitter for Writers Is Here

  • 2 min read

It’s hot and new. Here’s what you need to know short and sweet

Many writers don’t want to use Twitter anymore.

They are frustrated and don’t want to buy a blue checkmark.

If you’re one of those people and really annoyed about what’s been going on with Twitter, I have super good news for you.

The new Twitter for writers is here

It’s for all writers and readers who are on the newsletter platform Substack.

It’s social media like in the good old days because it’s ad-free, there’s no algorithm and helps you really discover new writers on Substack.

It’s called Substack Notes and is definitely a viable Twitter competitor and alternative.

Post or Mastodon aren’t as popular as Substack

On Substack, there are really great new voices to discover and the new Twitter for writers makes it possible.

You can ‘re-stack’ quotes, create a thread or simply share your thoughts or promote your content to get more subscribers.

You shouldn’t miss this awesome experience for writers.

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