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The Next Big Pub Closed Its Doors

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You’ll be surprised

Medium is undergoing a lot of changes.

  • Around half a year ago, flagship publication P.S. I Love was the first to close its doors. Medium pulled the plug on fundings. The editors chose it wasn’t worth their time to continue.
  • Then, a few months ago, Tom Kuegler announced he’ll shut down The Post Grad Survival Guide for all submissions.
  • A few weeks ago, the World Traveler’s Blog closed.

A few days ago, Know Thyself, Heal Thyself shut its doors as well.

The latter was the perfect publication to go deep, personal and allow oneself to be vulnerable which can lead to a 100% read ratio.

You may ask:

Is it a worrying time?

My answer:

No, it’s a cycle, and others will take over!

© Kristina God

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