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The One Piece Of Advice From Marie Forleo Every Writer Needs To Hear

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to keep your reader’s attention.

If you confuse them you lose them.

In Marie Forleo’s free Writing Workshop she shares that a confused mind always says no.

All of us have a message we want to communicate.

When we write online we only have a matter of seconds to attract and impress our audience.

It’s key to clearly and precisely communicate your message

As a professional marketing manager, I know:

The clearest marketer always wins.

Meaning if you want to write good copy, a catchy newsletter, a Medium post, or a sales page:

  • 💎 have got to stay on point
  • 💎 select the pieces from your story that truly matter
  • 💎 be crystal clear and specific
  • 💎 ask yourself whether a specific point is moving you forward or not

The bottom line

Clear definitely beats clever.

If you’re not specific, you’ll lose the goldfish.

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