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The One-Sentence Introduction For Your Medium Bio

  • 1 min read

Concise and clear.

Yesterday, I got asked by a fellow writer how to pimp up the Medium bio.

The Medium Bio is THE most important part of your Medium profile.

It’s below your avatar and shows your potential follower WHO you are and WHAT you do.

So whenever I read an interesting story of a fellow writer I’d love to follow, I read his or her bio first.

But how do I tell people WHAT I do to get others to understand my expertise?

The one-sentence introduction most influencers use comes in handy:

I am….

and I can….

(so you can…)

No need to talk about the HOW.

It’s like an elevator pitch.

Short and sweet.

Concise and clear.


Your goal?

Make people lean in, want more, and fall in love with you.

What’s your One-Sentence Intro?


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