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The Power of Becoming a Top Writer on Medium

  • 2 min read

Get seen, read, and rewarded!

As a marketing professional, writer (and trained journalist), my purpose on this platform is to help others to be seen.

Plus, I want to help you create a thriving brand and online (writing) business.

Essentially, I want to see you be seen and your stories heard.

The moment you become visible and seen by people, you can make a bigger impact.

But without knowing about the tags that are eligible for Top Writer status, no results are coming out.

You have to put yourself into where the magic happens.

In my article about the Top Writer Tags in 2022, I distilled everything down to show you exactly how you can become a Top Writer on Medium.

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity. Seneca

Learn how to become a Top Writer and be unstoppable:

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