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The Power of Short — Bite-Sized Writing Rules and Earns on Medium

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Think big. Write short, new writers.

Have you heard of Seth Godin?

With more than 7,000 consecutive daily posts on his iconic blog, he has shown us that length isn’t the sole metric for impact.

Often, he gets his message across in less than 200 words.

So, what can we, as new writers, learn from this?

The magic of short-form

It’s simple — life is hectic.

Just ask me — a mom with two kids underfoot, juggling work and family.

For writers like me, short form is a godsend.

With over 1,700 published stories, it’s a testament to how consistent, bite-sized content can lead to prolific results.

photo credit: screenshot dashboard Kristina God

The economics of brevity

Lengthy stories can be rewarding, but they aren’t the only way to earn.

Short can be sweet — and lucrative.

photo credit: Kristina God, an example of a short story with 3.9K views and over $100 earnings
photo credit: Stories That Will Get An Automatic *No* From Boost Nominators, Kristina God

The strategy behind brevity

As a former journalist turned marketer, I view short form not just as content, but as a tool:

  • Tease an upcoming long form.
  • Promote past articles.
  • Highlight other content avenues like my YouTube or newsletter.

The reality of consumption

The digital age has shifted how consumers interact with content.

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Medium are evolving to cater to these habits.

The truth?

Most readers only commit to 111 words or less.

photo credit: How little do users read?, Nielsen Norman Group

Medium’s short form all-stars

I recommend diving into these short form publications on Medium:

Think big, write short

Seth Godin’s ‘The Practice’ emphasizes building streaks.

For a new writer, this could mean transforming 200 daily articles into a cohesive book!


Blaise Pascal once said, “I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”

In this day and time, there’s an art to being concise.

It’s not about length, but about making every word count.

“Two minutes is enough to plant a seed. 2 minutes is enough to start making your rockets.” — Seth Godin

For more check out my latest newsletter issue — with screenshots of my earnings and more insights into the art of short form writing:

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