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The Quiet Power of Writing ‘Boring’ Articles

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From doubt to embracing the keyboard and finding your voice when writing online

Writing online has absolutely transformed my journey.

It has amplified my voice, touching the hearts and minds of countless readers.

Through my articles and stories, I’ve connected with individuals from around the world. This venture has definitely refined my craft and honed my voice, making me a better writer and storyteller.

Reflecting upon it, I can’t pinpoint a single downside, which leaves me baffled as to why I was so hesitant to start writing online.

But when I look back, my fears were crystal clear…

#1 Fear of Rejection

Rejection was my predominant dread.

If I never put my words out there, there’s no way they’d be rejected, right?

The doubt, the second-guessing all stemmed from this fear. However, true failure would’ve been never attempting to share my voice, letting fear overshadow my potential.

Now, whenever fear tries to inhibit my writing, I ask:

  • What’s the worst-case scenario? Often, the reality is far less daunting than the monsters we create in our minds.
  • What’s the pinnacle of success? The horizon is vast, with the promise often dwarfing the risks. Sometimes, this realization is all I need.

#2 Fear of Judgement

This fear plagued me.

From school essays to my first blog post, I agonized over perceptions.

I fretted over the style of my writing. Concerns about the reception of my views kept me up at night. Thoughts that nobody would even give my writing a chance haunted me.

Time and again, I’ve let imagined perceptions guide my actions.

But with experience, I’ve learned to reshape these thoughts.

Rather than “This article is boring,” I visualize feedback like, “Your piece was enlightening, and I eagerly await your next!”

Instead of fearing criticism like, “Her views are so off-track,” I choose to think, “Her perspective is unique, making me reconsider my stance.”

About my writing style?

I’ve come to embrace it, realizing that the essence of my message matters more than its delivery.

Several writer friends, initially self-conscious about their non-native writing styles, have amassed readers who adore their unique flair!

Instead of dreading opinions, cherish them. Leverage them. Anticipate the joy readers will find in your stories, your experiences, and your authenticity.

#3 Fear of Wasted Efforts

This might resonate the most.

I was scared my investment in writing would be futile.

But every endeavor is a gamble of sorts.

The key is to skew the odds in your favor.

When I finally decided to write online, after much contemplation, I began aligning my stars:

  • I joined writing groups, seeking mentorship and feedback.
  • I set targets for myself, pushing to consistently produce content. In 2020, my first blog post went live. It wasn’t perfect, but with every new article, I evolved. Today, I’ve written 1,700+ pieces, and my reach has expanded exponentially.

Writing Online has been Transformative

As Dale Carnegie once said:

“Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.”

In retrospect, the real waste was the time I spent in apprehension.

I encourage YOU to take that leap — to dive in, ensuring you’re well-equipped.

Be it writing or any other passion, you have a vision.

The tools, the support, and the community are there.

Take the initiative, write fearlessly, and let your words pave their own path.

Even if the road is bumpy, you’ll navigate your journey with clarity and purpose.

Thanks for making my words part of YOUR day!

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