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The Real Difference Between 7,000 Followers on Medium and 7,000 Subscribers on Your Mailing List

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If I have a mailing list of 7,000 people, know how many people see what I write?

If I have a mailing list of 7,000 people, know how many people see what I write?

7,000, that’s how many get my story in their inbox.

But if I have 7,000 followers on Medium (and I do) know how many see my writing?

Well, that’s up to Medium on any given day.

That’s the real difference.

At the moment, less than 1% (!) of your followers see your stories in their feeds.

That’s a shame, isn’t it?

Medium is working on it but it’s similar to the “Show me less like this” button or “True follow feed”… it needs A LOT of improvement.

That’s why NOW is the best time to start and grow your email list on Medium as well as on Substack.

Medium is a great place to build a following but you need to convert your followers into subscribers so people get your stories in your inbox and you can email them outside of Medium.

Substack is a great newsletter tool, I use and recommend.

As you can see, within the last six weeks, I’ve grown my Substack newsletter to 269 subscribers who ALL get my stories in their inbox and then can decide whether they click on them or not.

On Medium, growth isn’t that huge.

Maybe 10–30 subscribers per month.

Medium is not a newsletter service platform!

4 key advantages of your own newsletter on Substack

Building an email list is important and the foundation for your online business.

It’s the only asset in your digital business that’s proven to:

#1 — generate a 4,400% Return on Investment (ROI) making it one of the most effective options available.

Meaning email generates $44 for every $1 spent.

#2 — Your email list becomes more valuable with time.

#3 — You can build a real connection and serious intimacy with your audience.

#4 — Your messages really get seen: 20–30% average open rates vs. 2–3% organic visibility on social media in general.

Here’s more about Substack’s new features for writers:

Here’s my awesome newsletter on Substack!

P.S. Many thanks to every single subscriber! I really appreciate your love and support and I will always help you thrive.

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