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The Reason Why People Write Hit Pieces

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and why you should delete your rants.

Recently, I came across a story by Top Writer Ayodeji Awosika.

In his story How We Can Keep Medium From Becoming a Negative Cesspool, he finally says what many need to hear right now.

A mentally healthy person doesn’t take time out of their way to character assassinate someone via blog post.

Spot on!

I’m glad a real Top Writer with 91K followers speaks from experience and raises awareness.

Don’t let Medium become the next Reddit.

Instead of blocking people, leaving hateful comments and spewing negative character traits of someone you don’t even know, be kind!

And if you don’t do it for others, do it for yourself and your success:

“Approximately 0.00 writers who have written complaining rants have gone on to become top writers”, Ayo states.

So better delete your awful rants and write a meaningful piece to become a Top Writer!

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