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The Role Of Publications On Medium Has Decreased

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True or false?

On Medium, there are about 13K publications.

Big, medium, and small publications.

Independent as well as Medium-owned ones.

Unfortunately, Mediums doesn’t offer a list.

There are some Top Publications that managed to become well-known brands.

I’m talking about Better Programming, Mind Cafe, Mental Illness, or Human Parts.

The latter is one of Mediums own publications. Did you know that from eleven official publications only three are left?

Human Parts, Zora and The Bold Italian.

But why?

  • Ev Williams as well as Tony Stubllebine laid off most journalists, reporters, and editors.
  • Medium cut the funding for publications.
  • Medium announced they want to support self-published authors to flourish without publications.

In 2021, Medium’s founder Ev Williams shared:

“The role of publications — in the world, not just on Medium — has decreased in the modern era.”

What do you think?

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