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The Simple Secret To Success? Short Stories!

  • 2 min read

Learn from a master.

February 2022 was my best month ever.

So I wrote about it and shared my Triangle Content System.

To sum it up:

  • 1 — Engage with your circle of writer friends.
  • 2 — Go with your favorite pubs where the readers are engaged.
  • 3 — Write short form, instead of long form stories

In February, I wrote 50 short form stories.

When I help others in my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp I can’t write so much.

I have to make sacrifices — but not in regard to earnings.

You can earn with short form stories too.

Here’s the proof:

Apparently claps are gone screenshot

$70 bucks for a 1-minute article with 150 words is fantastic, isn’t it?

And YES!, as a newbie you can gain a lot of views too:

👇My boot camper Melissa Marietta gained 2.2 views with her post That Time Wordle Got Physical👇.

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