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The Twitter Website And App Are At Risk Of Going Down

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What you need to know now and what you can do as a creator

As mass layoffs around the globe begin and badge access was suspended, Twitter temporarily closes offices.

Additionally, the “Deep Cuts Plan” is aiming to find between $1.5 million and $3 million a day reports Reuters.

You might wonder where besides firing employees?

In savings from servers and cloud services.

The news agency Reuters reports:

“The steep infrastructure cuts could put the Twitter website and app at risk of going down during critical events when users are rushing to Twitter to consume and share information, such as during moments of crisis or major political events, the sources said.”

Apparently, the social media platform is in the middle of exploring whether to cut extra server space that is kept to ensure Twitter can handle high traffic.

Technology columnist for the Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz, asked on TikTok:

“Is there anyone gonna stay there? (…) It’s gonna change under Elon Musk's ownership. (…) As someone that deals with a lot of online harassment, I don't have a lot of faith in his ability to manage the platform.”

Where else should creators from Twitter go and take their followers with them?

Taylor (who recently was also interviewed by BBC “talking Twitter layoffs and Elon madness”) apparently has the answer.

image credits: Twitter Taylor Lorenz


Taylor updated the link in her Twitter bio stating she has a Substack

Lorenz is taking it to the next level, changing her Twitter name to a call-to-action you can’t miss:


She also linked to her Substack in a pinned tweet to ask her follower base of more than 300,000 people to join her Substack.

Substack = promising

On Twitter, my following is at a low level (around 2,000 followers) but constantly growing.

At the moment, I link to my Medium profile but I’m thinking about changing it to Substack.

What I love most about Substack is that every new follower is also a new subscriber and will see my weekly stories in the inbox.

On Medium, if you win a new follower, it doesn’t mean he will become a subscriber.

Since your email list is the most valuable asset, it might be the better option for you!

Substack looks very promising to me. Within around three weeks, I’ve grown my subscribers from 60 to 160.

Kristina’s Newsletter on Substack

This is a plus of 80 subs and 170%.

Learn more about my Substack (new Chat function coming soon!):

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