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The Vocal App Is Now Available For iOS (and Looks Like The Medium App)

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It’s something Vocal Media has been looking forward to internally since Vocal was born.

One of Medium’s biggest competitors besides NewsBreak is Vocal Media.

Recently, Vocal Media released “comments” which was the most requested feature.

Now, they officially launched the Vocal App for iOS.

“We’re thrilled to announce that the wait is over. You can now follow creators, engage with your community, and read the latest and greatest — anywhere you are.”

And Justin Maury, Founder and President of Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD), the parent company of the Vocal platform, adds:

“This app release is a labor of love and something we’ve been looking forward to internally since Vocal was born.”

Vocal+ members were the first to experience the Vocal app with exclusive early access.

Casimiro Designer, Vocal +, and Medium member, tested the new app in July.

His key finding: The Vocal app looks pretty much the same as the Medium app.

(…) I did a little comparison with the Medium App, and they look like twins.

Here are some interesting screenshots — Vocal on the left and Medium on the right

I definitely see similarities. What do you think?

screenshot by Casimiro Designer; Vocal vs. Medium

The feed really reminds me of Medium

Although I’ve heard that in the future Medium apparently won’t show the writer bubbles at the top anymore.

The biggest similarity

In the responses to Vocal’s announcement, I found Aaron Brown stating:

response on Vocal Media

On both apps, you can’t write and edit.

Medium took away this feature a few months ago.

In an interview, Medium’s new CEO apologized to the community.

Tony shared that he’ll bring back the write and edit function on the phone.

In fact, it was the #1 feature request he received when he officially announced to become Medium’s next CEO.

It had…

more to do with practicality than anything else and a misunderstanding of how valuable it is…

So this could be one of the advantages of the Medium app over the Vocal app in the future.

Oh, and if you’re not writing on Vocal Media yet…

Vocal Media gives you 4 ways to earn money writing:

  • internal and external views — on Medium you only get paid for views from paying Members
  • bonuses — on Medium there are no rewards for achieving specific milestones. You will receive $5 when you publish your 5th story; $10 after your 10th story; $50 when you publish your 50th story.
  • tips from readers — a few weeks ago, Medium introduced a new tipping feature
  • winning contests — last summer, Medium offered one writing contest. Vocal offers contests to participate in all the time.

Are you writing on Vocal? What do you think about the new app (in comparison to Medium’s app)?

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