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The Write And Edit Function On The Medium App Will Come Back

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In an interview, Medium’s new CEO apologized to the community.

The decision to remove the valuable ability to write and edit from the app has baffled me from the start.

I wasn’t alone.

Actually, I was in good company.

Here’s what I’ve heard from the frustrated community…

…there are a lot of writers who are writing way less since the mobile editing/draft functions were removed.

… there are writers who have already called it quits because of Medium’s decision or who stated:

I’m beginning to consider ending my subscription soon.

… a lot of writers miss writing on the phone (while sitting on the toilet, being on the playground, commuting…)

… or some smart people haven’t updated the app yet:

I don’t know how long I will be able to keep running the app in the old version but secretly I’m just hoping they bring back that feature for all of us.

I don’t know what I’d do when I can’t write on my tablet anymore. I certainly won’t write as much and as much in the moment anymore. Top Writer Anne Bonfert

I didn’t really understand Medium’s decision either.

Why does a company reduce the mobile app's functionality although 50% of its users access the platform via their smartphone?

However, as a Product Manager myself, I guessed that Medium’s decision was based on data analysis.

Nevertheless, it’s a publishing platform. People want to create ART. They want to publish their ARTicles, their stories.

Publishing and editing are the core of this platform.

So, I’m glad to share with you that Medium’s new CEO knows about our pain.

So, here’s the newsflash…

In an interview with Medium Top Writer Sinem Günel, he shared that he’ll bring back the write and edit function on the phone.

In fact, it was the #1 feature request he received when he officially announced to become Medium’s next CEO.

It had…

more to do with practicality than anything else and a misunderstanding of how valuable it is…

When will Tony bring back the feature?

He already talked to the product team.

It will take some time.

(…) it won't be instantaneously. It will require new work. The old editor can’t just turned back on (…) I expect it to come back.

I'm sorry that it went away…(…) the plan is to bring it back for sure… Tony Stubblebine

Final Takeaways

In the last past few days, I read a lot of stories from other writers such as Roz Warren about Medium’s next decade and CEO.

In the comments, a lot of people shared that they wanted Tony to bring back the editing feature.

The good news is, he will!

That’s the power of an engaged community, guys.

Tony Stubblebine and his team definitely monitor your comments and feedback.

P.S. I’m listening. Let me know what is important to you about Medium. Tony stated.

So my advice is, to leave a comment underneath this story for Tony and the team.

Let me conclude with Tony’s words:

(…) I want this to be a company where you can rely on our features…

I’m curious. How do you feel about this news and what do you suggest Tony and the product team?

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