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There Are 2 Specific Publications For Gamers And Fans

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When you get published in one of them your articles will automatically be curated.

Besides being a full-time software developer and online course instructor, my husband is also an indie developer.

He loves to create video games and play them.

I‘m a huge fan of ‘The Affair’ and binge-watched the popular HBO series.

I even hopped on a plane to New York City and visited Montauk on New Island where ‘The Affair’ takes place.

Kristina God visits Lobster Roll on Long Island in New York.
Yes, I’m a huge fan of The Affair and even visited the Lobster Roll; a Hamptons icon and the place where The Affair starts; credit: Kristina God

Do you are passionate and enthusiastic about gaming, Star Wars, Marvel, books, or films?

Are you a fan?

Then I’ll show you two publications you should definitely write a story for.

In one of them, you even get curated (=distributed/promoted across Medium) right away.

How cool is that!?👍👍

2 Publications for Fans and Gamers

If you want to write about games or things you’re a fan of, there are two specific publications on Medium I recommend.

I came across them recently when my husband asked me if Medium also offered a home for fans and gamers.

My answer:


Let’s start with…


Website of SUPERJUMP
screenshot by Kristina God

James Burns, owner of SUPERJUMP, created a colorful home for game lovers.

James calls his publication a ‘video game magazine’.

Its purpose is to honor the art and science behind the games we love.

Celebrating video games and their creators James Burns

Apparently, a lot of Medium writers love this. It’s all about passion and enthusiasm.

Topic: Video Games

Follower: 5K

You’ll find everyone from veteran game journalists and prominent game developers to students and even fans of single franchises.

How to become a writer?:

  • Provide your Medium profile link on this Google form.
  • James typically adds new writers once or twice per week.

Here are the Submission Guidelines:

You said something about curation?

Yes, I did. Here’s the pub.


Website of FANFARE.
screenshot by Kristina God

Eric Pierce is the proud owner of FANFARE.

FANFARE is one of Medium’s largest Pop Culture publications.

It’s all about entertaining and well-written content.

Eric explains:

As a result of our partner status, Fanfare articles are automatically distributed across Medium, including curation in various Topics.

Topics: Film, TV, Culture, Star Wars, Marvel, Gaming, Books.

For instance, fellow Medium writer Rui Alves published this trending piece:

And I love this one by Jade M.:

How to become a writer?

  • Send a sample of your best work to
  • You should include one of the following tags to your draft: Books, Culture, Film, Gaming, Marvel, Star Wars, Television.
  • FANFARE processes applications for new writers during the first 7 days of the month.

As Eric says:

We are a curated publication, which means we’re very picky about our writers. We want strong writing with a clear voice and unique point of view.

I know waiting sucks but I appreciate your patience. Eric Pierce

Here are the Submission Guidelines.

Final Takeaways

You are a true fan?

You want to write about your passion?


These two publications are the ideal platforms for your posts.

© Kristina God

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