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There Is No Need To Explain Why You Quit Medium

  • 2 min read

The idea of quitting Medium is common

Quitting Medium is the default outcome for anyone who ever created an account.

Most users try it and simply don’t like it.

It’s a personal decision.

“The Internet requires nothing of you and you owe it nothing, least of all an explanation for why you’re ceasing to use one of its many services,” Richard Lawson wrote in Vanity Fair.

“‘I just don’t want to be on there anymore’ is the absolute maximum that anyone should say about any of this.”, Lawson shared.

If you find yourself thinking…

I just don’t want to be on Medium anymore. Simply go without telling everyone what’s awful about the platform.

Top Writers claimed to leave Medium because it’s so awful and then came back selling their Medium courses again.

On Medium, we have to adapt plenty of times along the way.

That’s just part of this platform.

👇🏻Like it or not.👇🏻


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