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There Isn’t One Right Way to “Do” Substack

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Especially if you’re sick and tired of gatekeepers and want to get paid, the buzzy platform is for you.

On my YouTube channel, I have a video with about 14,000 views and over 400 likes about my “from zero to hero” story about Substack.

How I went from zero to 1,000 subscribers.

I didn’t share this video to brag. I shared this to show what’s possible if you put effort, tears, and sweat into your mailing list which is the most valuable asset in your business.

I get a lot of questions based on this video. The most common question is “What’s the RIGHT way to use Substack”.

There isn’t one right way to “do” Substack.

Substack is free

Substack is free to use.

It’s great because there aren’t any annoying ads popping up and you don’t have to worry about surprise costs. If you have some stories that people pay to read, Substack just takes 10% of the money, but you get to keep 90% of it.

In comparison, depending on the size of your mailing list, on ConvertKit, where my husband is, you have to pay if you have 1,000 subscribers.

screenshot ConvertKit

Going paid or not is up to you

You can choose if you want to let people read your stories for free, or if you want them to pay a little bit to read them (starting from $5).

You can decide this any time you want!

I did what lots of people do: I started by letting everyone read my stories for free.

Here’s what I’m planning to do: I’ll make some of my stories ‘special’ — people have to pay a little to read these special stories.

But I will still write lots of stories that everyone can read for free. I guess it will be 70% paywalled and 30% free.

As shared in a previous story of my Substack series, you could also offer people to pay for your Substack and make ALL your content free.

Or you turn on pledges to see if people would be willing to pay for your stories.

Substack has a built-in audience

Similar to Medium, Substck has a built-in audience. Most of them are writers. In Substack Notes, which I call the “Twitter for Writers” you can share your first stories with the community and will get feedback if other writers can resonate with it.

It’s like having a friendly neighborhood online, where even if you’re just starting and don’t have many readers, people are still nice and welcoming.

No gatekeepers

If you’re sick and tired of the Boost-gatekeepers (Boost nommers and curators) on Medium or any other platform with an algorithm unless you write about porn, you can write freely and without fear of being rejected, shadow-banned, or censored.

My tip:

If you’re on the fence and would like to start writing on Substack before 2023, start yesterday!

You can choose to make your writing paid or keep it free.

Write whatever you like.

Let others do their thing too.

If anyone bothers you, just don’t pay attention to them.

I do it my way. You do it yours and that is what makes Substack so special!

It embraces all kinds of writers. People have all kinds of backgrounds and come from all kinds of various angles.

Watch the video:

Here’s my video for taking inspir-ACTION:

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I also started my “Substack for Beginners series” on YouTube with tutorials:

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