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There Will Be Two More Bonus Waves

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5 things you need to know to ride the crest of the upcoming bonus waves

The first ‘bonus wave’ 🌊 was planned as a ‘one-time surprise to thank top active writers in April’. The second wave of bonuses therefore left a lot of writers understandably scratching their heads, wondering whether there would be a third wave this summer.

I got an email from Ev Williams and his team. The answer is YES! There will even be TWO more bonus waves!

Twice in a row Medium has awarded me a cash bonus for high member engagement. I feel honored to be one of the Top 2,000 writers on Medium. Of course, like the other writers, I was also wondering whether there would be a third surprise.

A few hours ago, Ev Williams and his team revealed in a personal email that there definitely will be a third and even a fourth wave of cash bonuses this summer.

Writer Bonus FAQs — There are four essential questions Medium just answered… and one more surprise:

1. Will there be further monthly bonuses and if so, when?

As I said above, there will definitely be two more bonus waves, one in June and one in July 2021!

‘The bonus program will run through June and July. The last bonuses will be given in conjunction with July Partner Program payouts, which will happen the first week of August.’ Medium

2. Why will there be further bonuses?

The bonus program started as a one-time surprise in April, but due to the enthusiastic feedback from readers and writers, it will be extended until the end of July 2021.

‘The first bonus was originally planned as a one-time surprise to thank top active writers in April. The response was so enthusiastic that we awarded a second bonus in May (…)’ Medium

3. What are the criteria for qualifying for a bonus?

‘We’re keeping the same tiered structure that we implemented for May. We calculate rankings based on your monthly Partner Program earnings, which is a direct reflection of member reading time, and use the following tiered structure:

Top 1,000: $500 bonus

1,001–1,500: $100 bonus

1,501–2,000: $50 bonus’ Medium

Partner Program Bonus Tiers — May 2021

screenshot by author

For further information here’s my articleStop Scratching Your Head! Medium Just Explained The ‘June Bonus’ about the criteria and tips for qualifying for a bonus:

👉 Further information: Survey of the top writers in May

Quy Ma had a great idea. He surveyed the top writers in May. As he says ‘(t)he results help provide some direction to Medium writers on what to focus on to qualify as a bonus-earning writer.’

Here are his five key findings in regard to the key question, ‘what separates the Top 1000 writers from everyone else?’

  1. Make more than $200 — ✔ check!
  2. Aim for 5,000 reads — ✔ check!
  3. Aim to maximize member read time by writing longer posts — ✔ check!
  4. Focus on quality, not quantity. (Write at least 2 articles!, Medium recommends) — ✔ check!
  5. ‘(O)nly self-publish if you have a huge following. Otherwise, you should submit stories to publications to help build your following.’ ✔ check!

For more information check out Quy Ma’s article.

PS: I got the bonus two times in a row without fulfilling all of these criteria. If I can do it, you can do it too! Here’s the secret to my success.

4. How do I make sure I’m eligible to get a cash bonus?

Make sure you:

  • ‘are fully enrolled in the Medium Partner Program (including having approved tax documents)’. That’s very important because, in my first months, I didn’t update the tax document and therefore ‘lost’ a lot of money. — ✔ check!
  • ‘publish at least two stories in the calendar month’ — which means at least two stories in June and two stories in July 2021. — ✔ check!

5. An important hint for future rewards from Medium

In their latest email, Ev Williams and his team also announced that there will be more updates. In August, Medium will reveal their future (reward) system.

In August, we’ll announce more writer programs and Partner Program updates. In the meantime, thank you for all that you bring to our vibrant community — we can’t wait to see what you write this summer! Medium

In case, you’re already in the ‘Bonus Club’, there’s an important hint for future cash bonuses

There’s one more important hint I want to share with you from their email from the beginning of June:

‘Medium members are drawn to thought-provoking writing from a diverse array of voices. So remaining a top Partner Program writer, we recommend regularly publishing unique stories for members to explore, read, and love. Keep doing what you’re doing!’

Conclusion for the upcoming waves of cash bonuses

Background photo created by wirestock

If you’re looking to catch the wave, paddle out🌊!

There is another cash bonus wave on the horizon. So grab your surfboard, paddle into it, and ride the wave you’re given.

Like any other sport, surfing requires performance tracking. Therefore, track your metrics. Write good quality articles. There are still a few days until the end of June and one whole month to come.

But don’t forget, ‘the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun’ (Phil Edwards)

Wishing you a summer of high tides 🌊and good vibes🏄‍♀️!

© Kristina God

Let’s get relational tags from me to you! Sending a huge shoutout to all my fellow writers who discussed the bonus payments lately. Wishing you a summer of high tides 🌊 and good vibes!🏄‍♀️

There are so many inspiring writers on this wonderful platform such as Lorrae G. John Egelkrout Krish Rajesh Vairapandian Terry Mansfield Kristina Segarra Liv Mello Joanna Henderson Yana Bostongirl Burk Roz Warren Vishnu*s Virtues who received $50, $100 — or even got $500 (again).

Moreover, Joel Sigrist EllenEastwood Richard Harding Wonsuk Choi Krystle Shepherd Freda Savahl K. Barrett Niru Floyd Mori Jonathan Lee Thief JoAnn Ryan Anne Bonfert clapped and commented on my latest piece ‘This Is What Happened When I Published 24 Articles In One Month’. I’m sure this is relevant information for you.

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