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There’s One Common Thread Among The Top Writers On Medium

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It’s something every marketer knows. This can improve your writing and success too.

Do you struggle to get more eyeballs on your stories?

No worries. Most of us do.

Even Medium’s Top Writers.

You may know that Medium’s Top Writers use several simple tricks to increase their chances of getting a decent amount of views and reads.

I assume that you know the following tricks:

  • Write catchy headlines you can’t help but click on.
  • Write great opening lines to lure people into your writing.
  • Use subheadlines that tell a story.

These tricks pop up in my feed all the time.

These tips are great.

Still, there’s one foundational thing Top Writers do differently.

As a marketer myself, I do it all the time.

It’s so relevant and foundational that even business coach and NYT bestselling author, Donald Miller, teaches it.

The #1 advice your feed doesn’t show you

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There’s one thing every marketer learns and does to generate sales and get more eyeballs on a product or service:

Find the pain points or problems in your customer’s (=readers’) day-to-day life and show them how to solve them.

Meaning, Tom Kuegler, Tim Denning, Sinem Guenel and Co. know about the problems, frustrations, or troublesome issues of their readers.

In their writing they hit on people’s pain points or problems.

So they position themselves as the person who can solve the pain point while hitting on their pain points.

That’s all marketing truly is at its core.

Common pain points addressed on Medium by Top Writers:

  • I don’t have enough money. I need more.
  • I hate my job but I’m afraid of taking the leap.
  • I’m an introvert in business and don’t know how to speak up.
  • I am/was in a toxic relationship and am sad about it.
  • This can’t be all. I deserve more in life.
  • I need someone to guide me. I don’t have a clue what to do with my life.

I’m sure YOU could add a lot more to this list.

Tip: Whenever you read an article, take a moment and think about the pain point/s the article addresses.

How to discover your reader’s pain points?

You can read your audience’s mind. No, I’m not kidding.

Short answer: By social listening (=reading).

You need to engage with your audience and read their comments, private notes and emails. No matter if you have 10, 100, 1k, or 10K followers.

When you connect with your audience listen carefully to them.

  • What do they want?
  • What do they need?
  • What challenges are they experiencing?

Learn more about the powerful technique of social listening here:

How to implement your reader’s pain points in your stories?

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Medium’s Top Writers include their reader’s pain points in their titles and subtitles.

  • I love when they start with a paint point and offer a solution for it or inspire me.
  • I hate when they just talk about pain points without providing any solution or inspiration.

In marketing, it’s crucial to know about a pain point and offer a solution/give a recommendation.

It’s important to deliver value and not causing more fear and anxiety,

Ask yourself:

  • How can I help my audience?
  • How can I deliver more value to my readers?
  • How can I improve the (writing) story of people I’m interacting with?

Final Takeaways

If you want to improve your writing start with your audience.

Ask yourself what pain points they have to deal with.

Take the time to listen to them by reading their comments, DM’s and emails.

Pain is real, but so is hope.

Generate value for your readers by offering solutions and inspire them.

The best way to lift one’s self up is to help someone else. Booker T. Washington

© Kristina God

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