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There’s One Essential Thing About Medium I Didn’t Know

  • 2 min read

…for an insanely long time.

I believe in claps👏🏻. If an article deserves claps, I’m always going to give it 50 (or even more). It shows as much support as I can give.

Recently, I ran into a newbie who didn’t realize that you could give more than one clap. She thought it was a one-and-done. I explained to her that she could click more than once — I didn't know that for an insanely long time too.

I wonder if this is the case with most ‘one-clappers’👏🏻… that maybe they don’t realize they can give more?

Besides, Medium has made it fun to hold the clap icon down and watch the little clap animation! Who doesn’t love that? And it takes only eleven seconds.

So clap away👏🏻! Otherwise, I will assume I’m being honored by a newbie😄.


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