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There’s One Specific Hashtag For Writers You Need To Know

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… to promote your work and grow your followers on Twitter.

Writing can be a lonely hobby. Nevertheless, via Twitter, you can connect with other writers and share your work. Moreover, you learn about the work of others and get inspired by it.

Whenever I publish an article, I tweet it and tag the pub. Moreover, I retweet interesting posts.

Similar to Medium, you can use tags. #Hashtags.

But what’s a good hashtag for writers? In the writer community, there’s one specific hashtag that can boost your success on Medium.

It’s called #writerslift.

Tom Fenske or Niru use it. I’ve tried the hashtag a few times and it really works. I’m constantly growing my base. My work is retweeted by others and I find other inspiring stories and writers.

Try it and let’s connect on Twitter! Find me via @_KristinaGod

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