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There’s One Specific Publication For New Writers You Need To Know

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… to publish your work and gain 100+ followers

You’ve decided to write on Medium. That’s awesome. Congratulations!

Now you need to make a start. In order to join the Medium Partner Program and get paid for your engaging stories you first need 100 followers.

But where to start?

One way to build an audience is to get published in a Medium publication. Then your stories are shared with the pub’s subscribers.

Getting started on Medium can be frustrating

Unfortunately, writing on Medium can be frustrating when you’re a newbie.

When you submit an article to a (bigger) publication you either get a generic rejection message

Hey Kristina,

Thank you very much for submitting your story. We’re going to pass on this. But we really appreciate …. and we hope you will keep sending us more…

… or they will ignore your submission.

Although rejection is a good thing because you can learn from it, as a novice writer, that’s probably not the kind of response you want to receive.

Exciting news

Since I’m always happy to help new writers I want to share exciting news with you today!

There’s one new publication on Medium run by Robert Ralph which is specifically for new Medium writers.

A few weeks ago, Robert launched the pub ‘New Writers Welcome’. It’s aimed at new starters and was opened because of Robert’s frustration of being a newbie to Medium.

‘I found very little help for new people, and submitting an article to a publication was near impossible.’

Key facts about the pub ‘New Writers Welcome’

screenshot by Kristina God

The pub ‘New Writers Welcome’ is…

  • for supporting new writers
  • helping newbies learn about the art of writing
  • primarily for new or emerging writers but not exclusive; established writers are also welcome
  • there will be a limit on the number of writers (!) and there’s one co-editor PrudenceC

👉Here you can follow the pub.

👉Here you can ask for being added as a writer.

Ralph states:

‘I am convinced nine out of ten people can write a good article when they have direction and support’

And so am I!

It can be a great confidence boost to get a story accepted in a small pub, watch your numbers tick, and build your own follower base.

As far as I’m concerned I started my writing journey with 147 views and $0.17.

Within the last past months, I got 8k+ views and my earnings increased to around $700 — primarily thanks to young and small pubs.

What are you waiting for? Join ‘New Writers Welcome’ and kick start your writing journey on Medium!

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