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These 2 Big Medium Publications Don’t Allow AI Anymore

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Medium embraces AI. However, there are several Medium publications that banned the use of AI writing tools.

A few days ago, Medium shared a new AI Policy.

In essence, it allows AI-written stories as long as they are labeled correctly.

However, there are several big Medium publications that don’t allow AI anymore:

1 — Towards Data Science is against AI

Towards Data Science (tds) is Medium’s second biggest publication.

It has 653K followers and is “Your home for data science. A Medium publication sharing concepts, ideas and codes.”

Since ChatGPT for instance is especially interesting to use for tech writers and software developers, tds decided to ban the use of AI writing tools.

It will only allow the use of AI when it’s clearly labeled and used as an example (ex. Funny ways to use ChatGPT when programming…)

The editorial team stated that they are:

“committed to publishing work by human authors only”

2 — FANFARE doesn’t allow AI

FANFARE is one of Medium’s largest Pop Culture publications.

It’s all about entertaining and well-written content.

Topics: Film, TV, Culture, Star Wars, Marvel, Gaming, Books.

In their official statement, FANFARE shared:

“Any aspiring writers who submits AI content will be barred at the gates like the uncivilized barbarians they are.

Any current Fanfare writer that submits an AI-generated story will likewise be shown the exit. No second chances, no redos. That may sound harsh but I want to be completely clear on this.”

FANFARE and tds aren’t alone. They are in good company

Justin Cox shares in his updated Submission Guidelines of the Writing Cooperative with 240K followers that he wants writers to cite AI as a source:

“- Do not submit anything written solely using a generative AI tool.

– When using a generative AI tool to create any portion of your submission, you must cite it like any other source.”

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