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These 7 Publications Can Turbo Boost Your Stories

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Medium relies on publication editors to send in high-quality story suggestions

I bet many of your favorite publications are already in the Boost Beta Program without you knowing it.

Publishers of every background and style are present so the Boost covers the bases.

Medium has given more than 60 Medium editors the ability to curate and nominate stories. They can nominate up to 5 stories per week.

Here you can see how much extra traffic Boosted stories are getting:

photo credit: Medium, data from March 2023

In my video, I also share WOW-worthy examples from Medium writers who earned up to $800 for one single story.

So it’s really worth it to get Boosted.

Here Are 7 Publications That Can Boost Your Stories

To date, from 8,000 active Medium publications, only 62 are eligible to nominate stories for a Boost.

To put yourself in a position of luck, I want to share with you 7 editors and their publications that can turbo Boost your stories.

1— Fanfare — #Culture, #Movie, #TV, #Books, #Gaming

Eric Pierce is the proud owner of Fanfare on Medium.

Fanfare is one of Medium’s largest Pop Culture publications.

It’s all about entertaining.

Topics are: Film, TV, Culture, Star Wars, Marvel, Gaming, Books.

And guess what? Watching a lot of TV is an expertise.

Medium “clarified that they aren’t talking about credentials. Being a fan of something IS an expertise. And they further suggested the writer should demonstrate this expertise in the story”, Eric shared.

2 — The Taoist Online — #Religion, #Philosophy, #Spirituality, #Nature

Patrick Stewart from The Taoist Online (TTO) can choose the best stories about…

  1. General Philosophy
  2. Religion
  3. Taoism
  4. Nature
  5. Analysis of Personal Life Lessons
  6. Spirituality

3— The Generator — #Artificial Intelligence, #Technology, #Future

Thomas Smith has a new publication on Medium called The Generator.

Tom can nominate stories about generative AI in his publication for a Boost.

Plus, he can highlight other generative AI stories on Medium for a Boost if they meet Medium’s criteria.

Tom invites you to:

🌟Spoiler alert: In my next YouTube video, Tom will talk about what it’s like to be a Nominator and share further insights.

4 — The Memoirist — #Life, #LifeLessons, #ThisHappenedToMe

I know writer and dad Christopher Robin from my early days on Medium.

So I was super excited when I heard that he can Boost stories together with his colleague from The Memoirist KiKi Walter.

They have been tasked with bringing the best of the best of Medium’s memoirs and personal essays to the table.

“When I received the email to join the program, I pulled off the road to reply. As exciting as it is for me personally, the real benefit is to the writers.

Kiki Walter and I are thrilled to be able to help our writers do the best they can. We will be working in tandem to curate/edit/nominate only the best stories.”

5 — Ellemeno — #Travel, #Culture, #Life, #Politics, #Lifestyle

David Todd McCarty’s literary journal Ellemeno is dedicated to the exploration of life, politics, culture, travel, and writing.

“…tell the world about your life and your individual take on the world. Where have you been? What have you seen? What have you learned?”

6 — Middle Pause — #Diversity, #Menopause, #Aging

Debbie Walker is looking for women’s stories.

If you want to help other women by sharing your stories…

7 — The Narrative Arc — #This Happened to Me, #Life, #LifeLessons

Just recently Debra Groves Harman became a Nominator.

In order to get nominated by Debra, you need to submit “excellent, heartfelt, without error, and strong” personal essays and memoirs to The Narrative Arc.

What I love is that at the top of the publication she shares a “Boost Gallery” that shows curated stories.

“Move us with your words! Personal essays and memoirs I nominate must be outstanding — with power, strength, nuance, and imagery. (…)

A word to the wise — hook your readers fast.”

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