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These Publications Can Turbo Boost Your Stories

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Medium relies on publication editors to send in high-quality story suggestions

I bet many of your favorite publications are already in the Boost Beta program without you knowing it.

Publishers of every background and style are present so the Boost covers the bases.

As soon as Medium will approve my upcoming YouTube video with an interview with a Medium insider, I’ll share more details about Medium’s new Boost system, its challenges, and its potential here.

Within the last past months, I’ve spotlighted a handful of community curators from the platform.

Medium has given more than 30 Medium editors the ability to curate and nominate stories. They can nominate several stories per week.

Here are 5 publications that can Boost your stories:

1 — The Riff — #Music, #Culture, #Society

2 — The Generator — #Artificial Intelligence, #Technology

3 — Modern Women — #Womanhood, #Feminism, #Parenting

4 — The Writing Cooperative — #Writing, #Writing Tips, #Reading, #Advice

5 — The Memoirist — #life, #lifelessons, #memoir

For more details, go here!

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