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These Writers Can Boost Themselves (And Getting Paid Extra Money For This)

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Good thing or bad thing?

Did you know that Boost Nominators can Boost themselves?

I didn’t.

But one of the 63 Nominators shared this with me yesterday.

If he thinks one of his stories fits, he can nominate it for the Boost.

Until now, none of his recommended stories got Boosted (also interesting, isn’t it?!) but he shared that he’ll continue to nominate his own stories at least once per month.

This means one story out of 20 will be one he has written.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Fair or unfair?

Who knows!

I bet one day he’ll finally get one of his stories Boosted, get at least 500 extra views and more money, plus around $45 for recommending the story.

This means he’s getting paid to Boost himself.

In addition, Nominators in similar categories can recommend and help each other.

Good or bad — What do you think?

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