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This Accountability System Is Just What You Need If You Want To Grow Your Side Hustle

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It gets you one step closer to turning your side hustle idea into a profitable business.

When people start a side hustle they often think their journey has to be a lonely one.

Here’s the truth: there’s no reason to go on the entrepreneurial journey all alone and eventually quit because you feel demotivated.

To hold myself accountable I have an accountability partner.

It’s my husband and content creator Patrick God.

We hold each other accountable and keep us motivated on our entrepreneurial journey.

One year ago, we became actual accountability partners… and we even put money on the line.

He promised to give me $25 if he didn’t batch-create several videos for YouTube by a specific date.

Here is the result:

screenshot YouTube channel Patrick God
  • He started monetizing his YouTube channel ($$$$) plus grew his revenue with online courses on Udemy to $6,000 per month.
  • As far as I’m concerned, I created four successful online courses ($$$$) and wrote 800 Medium stories within about a year. I started to earn about $1,000 per month.

Accountability is not a solitary journey that is best taken alone.

Sharing your journey with an accountability buddy can enrich your writing experience on Medium.

It’s the #1 system for effortless consistency.

The 3 Key Benefits of an Accountability Partner are:

1 — 💪They keep you motivated. They help you overcome negative thoughts, resistance, and imposter syndrome. They help keep your energies up and your willpower strong.

2 — 💑 They provide support and give valuable feedback. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in regard to your content and side hustle.

3 — 🚀You push the limits together. Yes, the sky is the limit. You just need someone who believes 51% in you and makes you feel the same. You just need that 1% more self-belief to be successful (in life).

Final Takeaways

You must be careful about who you select as your accountability partner.

The right person can make a big difference, while the wrong person can greatly hinder your progress.

It’s best to pick a like-minded person who has the same energy level as you.

The key is to meet or check in with your accountability partner consistently.

Your accountability partner helps you to review your goals.

Additionally, he helps you to identify the obvious next action you need to take to get one step closer to turning your side hustle idea into a reality.

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