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This AI Tool Cloned Ariana Grande’s Voice

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And not only Ariana Grande’s style and tone. It can imitate the voice of any pop star.

AI is on everybody’s lips and just getting rolling.

There’s an open-source AI software from China called DiffSVC.

This software can replicate real human voices.

It was developed by researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and got a lot of attention lately.

A fan of Ariana Grande put the tool to the test.

He trained the AI voice conversion software with source material from Grande’s song list.

The results:

DiffSVC made cover songs in Ariana’s style and tone.

When he “set out to clone the voice of Ariana Grande in January, he didn’t know it would infuriate hordes of his fellow Grande fans”, Jessica Lucas from The Information shared.

The future of music?

There are a lot of pop star imitators out there and there will be more.

Imagine you could make Ariana sing your favorite song. Which song would it be?

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