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This AI Tool Will Shape The Future Of Medium

  • 2 min read

Artificial Intelligence is on every online writer’s lips.

Copy Ai, Jasper AI, CopySmith, or WriteSonic are AI tools for writers I heard about this year.

These tools help you to improve your writing and can enable you to blog much faster.

Have you heard of Dall-E, Lexica, OpenArt, Stock AI, or Midjourney. These are AI tools that help you generate a cover image using only text prompts.

I recently tried DeepAI. This tool also belongs to the AI image generators.

Why did I try it?

Tony Stubblebine shared a tweet with an image generated with this tool.

Here’s an example:

I typed in: “laptop flying into universe” and choose the Cyberpunk art style.

Deep AI created this image for me…

Based on Stubblebine’s tweets, in 2023, a feature built-in of Deep AI could come to Medium!

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