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This April, Medium Celebrates The Magic of Poems With a Big Special

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Learn how you can Boost your favorite poems and stories about poetry.

April is a special month because it’s National Poetry Month!

It’s a time when we remember how wonderful poems are and how they make us feel.

Poems are like little word pictures that can make us happy, sad, or excited.

They can take us on an adventure.

They are important because they help us share our feelings and thoughts with others.

Medium Celebrates the Magic of Poems this April

Did you know that the tag #Poetry is the most popular?

With 635k published stories and 117 writers, it’s the most popular Top Writer tag on Medium as you can see here:

photo credit: Topic page #Poetry

Som Dutt Theodore McDowell Connie Song William J Spirdione Louise Foerster and many more are Top Writers in this category.

Medium is also celebrating National Poetry Month by recommending poetry writers (no matter if they are new writers, Top Writers, or verified authors) on Medium.

Medium’s team already shared a list of stories about poetry and poems to read.

If you want to Boost your favorite poem or author, just leave a comment for Medium by going here.

What to Boost?

Well, if you want to Boost a story Medium trusts your “taste”.

So it’s up to you which story/poem you recommend Medium add to the list.

One of the recommended stories for instance is by Emily Stoddard who explains how to read a poem the right way and let it take you on an adventure.

How to Read a Poem the Right Way

Here are some tips based on Emily Stoddard’s story recommended by Medium “How to Read a Poem” to help you enjoy the journey:

1 Be a word explorer

Just like meeting new friends, reading poems helps us find a connection with the words.

Try to understand what the poem is saying and how it makes you feel.

2 Take it slow

Don’t rush through the poem.

Read it slowly and let the words work their magic on you.

3 Be curious

When you read a poem, ask yourself what’s happening in it.

You don’t have to find out what everything means right away.

Just enjoy the words and let them surprise you.

4 Read the poem again

Sometimes, reading a poem more than once helps us understand it better.

You can even read it aloud or use a pencil to underline your favorite words and lines.

Bottom Line

I know a lot of writers on Medium think #Poetry is highly underrepresented on the platform and writers only make a few cents.

So this month you have the time to read a lot, write a lot and Boost your favorite poems from fellow writers.

Why not take advantage of this?

National Poetry Month is a great time to celebrate the magic of poems on Medium.

Oh and remember to read poems slowly, be curious, and enjoy the adventure.

Are there any poetry writers or poems you’d like to recommend? Share them in the comments!

I’ll share a curated list of poems based on the poems/stories you recommend.

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