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This Can Happen When Medium’s Verification Expands More Generally

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Fake experts will lose. Real experts will win.

A few days ago, Medium started to verify book authors.

Now, most people wonder:

“What might be next?”

Buster Benson, Product Manager at Medium shared:

“We’re starting with book authors to introduce the concept of verification on Medium, and to invite the community to share their thoughts about verification in general.”

So verifying book authors is just the beginning.

This could be next!

The verification could expand more generally…

  • to authenticate serious writers
  • authenticate real human profiles that respect the laws of honest, non-raunchy writing
  • certify the writer’s academic background
  • certify the writer’s university-backed research studies

Tony Stubblebine doesn’t want fake experts on Medium

I love the authority-building approach Tony is implementing.

He emphasized that Medium will boost real experts more.

So the idea that Medium will also verify accounts of other types of “experts” is exciting.

Here’s more on real and fake experts on Medium:

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