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This Chrome Extension Automatically Creates Awesome Transcripts and Summaries of YouTube Videos

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It’s AI-powered and an excellent tool for content creators who want to save time and energy.

YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning new things.

But it takes time to watch an entire video and it can be challenging to remember what you learned there.

Therefore, you can save time by deciding whether to continue watching the YouTube video after skimming the summary.

Here’s how to automatically generate transcripts of any YouTube video

1 — Visit Glasp’s YouTube Summary page

This link will take you to the YouTube summary page for Glasp.

You can click Install on Chrome and visit the website.

To add the extension to Chrome, click the blue button Add to Chrome.

2 — Select a YouTube video

Select a YouTube video. The summary is shown on the right.

Select the downward arrow and click the OpenAI icon.

3 — Log in to ChatGPT

ChatGPT generates a summary in 5 bullets!

Check out my YouTube channel for more helpful tips and tricks:

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